Health Care Provider?

Stockholm Hernia Center is an independent Surgical Clinic. We have long experience of both public and private health care. We receive referrals for consultations on ASA 1-2 patients. Our waiting time is short, both for in-clinic consultation and for surgery. 

We cooperate with several international Health Care prviders. Please contact us fir more information. 

Long waiting time?

We have good capacity and short waiting time, both to in-clinic consultations and to surgery. 

Patients with Diastasis Recti?

We have long experience of examining and treating patients with Diastasis Recti. We have shown good results from both training and surgery. 

International patients?

We have long experience of treating and operating over-seas patients. We have well functioning organizations for distance follow-ups and cooperation with local clinics and health care providers. 

Pleas contact us for coordination or more information.