Stockholm Hernia Center is a private Clinic. You do not need a referral to book an appointment with us. You are welcome to contact us and describe your problems. We will help you and guide you to an adequate consultation. You may also book an appointment for consultation at Hela Kvinnans Klinik,

We can help with financial guidance. Prices for consultations and surgery below.

Patient Stories

Emma 36 yo, farmer from Borås:

"For 10 yars of my life, I have been living with a diastasis recti. The diastasis gave me a lot of problems causing nausea, stomach pain, incontinence, herniated disc and pelvic pain, lower back and chest pain.

Now it´s been a year since I did my surgery via HKK / SHC with Anders Olsson as a surgeon and today I am virtually pain free and feel strong. The surgery and healing went well.

The response from Anders and Katarina is top and by choosing HKK / SHC and buying a ready-made concept that includes examination, pre-training, surgery, girdle, rehab program, return visits and telephone contacts, you are in safe hands.

I highly recommend HKK / SHC where you are in calm and competent hands."

Johanna 39 yo, naprapath from Kungsbacka:

"I am very pleased with the reception and the help I received during my operation at Hela Kvinnans Klinik and Stockholm Hernia Center.

Both before and after the surgery I had support and gained understanding and feedback, which made me feel very safe during the healing process and rehabilitation. Here you have the knowledge of what symptoms a rectus diastasis can cause, when there is indication for surgery and when exercise should be the first choice. They have the experience of performing this type of operation, which I experienced was not the case in my county council, where I first applied.

My knowledge and confidence in Hela Kvinnans Klinik was the reason why I chose to make my surgery private, instead of waiting in the long, long queue that plastic surgery in Gothenburg had at the time of my surgery.

Now my muscles are sitting inside my body again, as it did before I had my 3 children. An incredible relief to not have to think about my stomach 24 hours a day, no pain anymore, and above all a feeling that the trunk gives me strength again!

Many thanks!"

Camilla 40 yo, teacher from Strängnäs:

"My name is Camilla, I am 40 years old and have four beautyful daughters. The first two were born vaginally and the latter two were born with cesarian incisions. After pregnancy three I have had incredible pain in my back, abdomen, bloated stomach and visible bowel movements.

Have tried various aids, maternity training, personal trainer in gym, home exercises and physiotherapy. Nothing has worked, the pain was ther and my diastasis was measured up to 4 fingers in widht. I have sought help for my troubles but received the answer that "we do no such operations in this county council".

In the end, a Mammamage Trainer advised me to contact Anders Olsson at Hela Kvinnans Klinik. He measured my diastasis to 13 cm, I looked 7 month pregnant.

Anders operated me September -18, the best thing I´ve done! I have no pain in my back and stomach anymore and I no longer look pregnant. I feel whole and I can shop whatever clothes I want because I don´t have anything to hide anymore.

The operation went smoothly, my abdominal muscles were stitched together and loose / overhanging skin was removed. A bikini scar that is barely visible!

I´ve made the best investment in myself."


The cost for surgery is individual and depend on for example surgical method and planned rehabilitation program. Please contact us for detailed information regarding the cost for your treatment. 

  • Physician consultation: 750 SEK
  • Operation (inguinal hernia): 20.000 - 40.000 SEK
  • Operation (diastasis recti): 55.000 - 85.000 SEK
  • Operation (ventral hernia): 10.000 - 85.000 SEK

Finance / Installment

Human Account / Human Konto – A credit promise free of charge with possible installment without interest rate. In cooperation with Human Finans we offer several alternative installment plans to finance your treatment and operation. Human Finans offer interest free loans and split refunds up to 24 months.