In our concept Training-Operation-Rehabilitation, we guide you all the way to be fully recovered. In our concept we coordinate an individually designed training program, evaluation and examination, a tailored surgical procedure which will be performed by an experienced specialist surgeon. We also provide an individually designed rehabilitation program monitored and supervised by an experienced naprapath. 

The T-O-R concept is developed specifically for patients with symptomatic Diastasis Recti, where training has not proven to decrease the symptoms. Our experience is that an individualised and controlled rehabilitation is important for an optimal post operative result. The concept with individualised rehabilitation is also applicable on other hernia- and abdominal wall operations.


Several functional symptoms can be treated with adequate training. We offer an individually designed training program based on your needs and conditions. In many cases an adequate training program can result in a progress to a funcion level that not need surgery. 


We use several different surgical methods. We design the operation based on your symptoms, needs and preferations. All our staff have long experience from health care, our locations are modern and the ward is friendly and of high standard.


Adequate post operative rehabilitation can be crucial to reach an optimal functional result after surgery. We offer an individually designed progressive rehabilitation program.

Individually adjusted abdominal binders are included in the rehabilitation program.